"They went above and beyond what was expected. I'm shipping my vehicle and to do so it requires that the car be clean inside and out. This definitely got it prepared to travel.

There was a pretty big stain on one of my seats and they really took the time to make sure it was clean."


"Couldn't be happier with the work that Vin and Jeremy put in on my Hellcat. The work is beyond exceptional. This guy knows his stuff and will happily sit down and explain what's best for your car. Looking forward to dropping my truck off next week for them to work their magic like they did on my charger. Between the paint correction and ceramic coatings, it's made maintenance and washing effortless, it truly pays for itself if you care about preserving your cars finish."

Stephen P.

"You will not be disappointed with trusting your vehicle to these professionals! They are amazing at what they do. Ceramic coating is a great investment if you want your car to always look amazing!! My car shines all day and glows all night. When I'm driving down the road, the road reflects off my car like a mirror! My car was new from the dealership and infested with swirl marks--- after my visit with Bulldog-my car is swirl mark free!!!"

Brandy R.

"I had both of my autos ceramic coated and let me tell you...phenomenal!! I take pride in my vehicles and it is nice to these guys take pride too! They do great work and their level of customer service is through the roof! I am having another car detailed here and I know I will not be disappointed. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will vouch for the top notch service received. Thanks a ton guys and keep up the great work!!"

Greg V.

"Outstanding professional service on my Toyota. Definitely coming back!"

Denis A.

"I have a very hard time letting anyone detail my car, although these guys are on point. I'm very picky when it comes to my vehicles and after they were done I could not find anything left untouched. They went as far as removing the wheels because they could not get the back of the calipers "clean enough". They say you get what you pay for and this was way more than what I paid. Far superior to anyone around! I will return to bulldog without any worry that things will be anything less than outstanding!"

Clancy B.

"The crew at Bulldog really know what they're doing! I recently had them detail my 1999 Porsche Boxster and they did a fantastic job. Although it still looked pretty good it had 20 years of built-up car wax, small scratches and swirls which were removed and then a thin layer of paint sealant was placed on the entire car. The resulting deep gloss looked even better than when I first took delivery of it from the dealer. Super job on the chrome wheels as well. I'd recommend their services to anyone wanting to restore their vehicle to a show appearance."

Nelson H.

"Vin and Terry were very professional and courteous and did an amazing job with the paint correction and ceramic coating on my 2011 Dodge Challenger green with envy. Words can't explain the transformation of the color, I've tried multiple products on the market and nothing has come close to the results of their Croftgate Assurance Ceramic Coating! I've been just blown away, it's like I have a brand new car. I would recommend these guys to anyone who complain about how hard and long it is to clean or wax their car with their products you'll save time and money and your vehicle will look better than the day it rolled off the assembly line."

Dam W.

"I highly recommend the crew at Bulldog. The paint correction and ceramic coating made the car look brand new. Well worth it, you will not be disappointed."

Arturo C.

"By far the best detailing and ceramic coating shop in Texas! I just very recently had my vehicle painted by Inline Six Auto Body who did an amazing job, but they went above and beyond and teamed up with Bulldog Auto Detail for the finishing touches and just absolutely perfected it. I couldn't be happier. Vin and his staff are EXTREMELY knowledgeable and professional. These gentlemen are fairly priced and have great turnaround times. Never had a shop treat my vehicle like one of their own before. Will be back very soon to have my Challenger ceramic coated!"

Austin E.

"Darnell did an amazing job on my 458 Italia. The paint had several light scratches from a car cover as well as swirl marks that Darnell was able to remove and leave the paint looking like new. Additionally, he applied Gtechniq Ceramic Coating which left the paint looking wet yet protected from the elements. I highly recommend Darnell and Bulldog Auto Detailing."

Romeo M.