Reinvigorate Your Car's Paint Job

Reinvigorate Your Car's Paint Job

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Car paint correction is a loose term in the detailing industry. In most cases, services like buffing, buff jobs, polishing, compounding and paint correction are all the same thing.

At Bulldog Auto Detailing in Central TX, auto paint correction is the focused removal of paint defects like swirls, light scratches, oxidation, hollogramming and RIDS (random isolated deep scratches). To understand the types of defects present in the vehicle, the paint must be looked at under a certain type of light. Once you can properly see the paint, you can then achieve real paint correction-it's all about what you can see.

True auto paint correction takes time. We often spend between 15 to 30 hours on each project to achieve perfection. Some factors that will determine the depth of car paint correction you need include:


  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle usage
  • Type of damage
  • Desired results








Our team offers two levels of car paint correction services: one-step polish and two-step paint correction. To learn about which option is right for your vehicle, call Bulldog Auto Detailing now at 254-339-0853.



Explore your paint correction options

Explore your paint correction options

Bulldog Auto Detailing in Central TX should be your top choice for car paint correction services. We provide two main levels of paint correction service:

One-step polish-This specialized process is designed to restore lost gloss and depth fast. We estimate that we can remove 50-60% of swirls, haze and light defects on a soft clear coat based on the make and model of your vehicle.

Two-step paint correction-This advanced process is for vehicles with heavy defects, swirls and holograms. We'll begin by applying a cutting compound with a specialized pad. Our specialists will then use a cutting-edge machine to polish your car and remove the haze and micro swirls from the cut. We estimate we can remove 80-90% of defects like haze, swirls and paint imperfections.

Do you drive an exotic or foreign car? For an even more thorough auto paint correction, ask about our full correction services. Starting at $75/hour, we'll scour the surface of your vehicle to remove any and all defects.

Contact Bulldog Auto Detailing today to discuss your car paint correction needs with a local expert.