Protect Your Car With a Fresh Ceramic Coating

Hire a trusted ceramic coating specialist in Waco & Temple, TX

Recent advancements in nanotechnology have changed the way we protect our vehicles. Ceramic coating is one of those advancements. It acts as a strong clear-coat barrier between your vehicle's paint and the environment, offering top-notch protection.

The car ceramic coating we use at Bulldog Auto Detailing in Central TX is harder than your factory clear coat. These coatings offer:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Protection to minimize/prevent bug/bird etching
  • Swirl Resistance (Based on coating)
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Properties
  • Extreme ease of clean
  • 5 year and 9 year guarantees (based on coating)



The ceramic coating we use will also protect your car from bird droppings, tree sap, bugs and tar. In addition to paint, it can also be applied to glass, wheels, plastic, leather and fabric.

Need another reason to invest in ceramic coating? We have an array of ceramic coating options ranging from 12 months up to 9 years with proper maintenace and is backed by an industry-leading warranty.

For more details about our car ceramic coating services, call us now at 254-339-0853.





Find the right ceramic coating for your vehicle

Bulldog Auto Detailing is a leading ceramic coating company in Central TX. Our team is accredited through Gtechniq, and we're the only dealers in the area authorized to apply Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra.

What makes us different from other car ceramic coating shops in the area? We understand superior paint preparation is essential to ensuring proper adhesion of the coating to the vehicle. Our team utilizes a semi-permanent application that requires the paint be in good shape.

To make sure you get the best ceramic coating possible, we recommend polishing the paint before any coating is applied. Any swirls or paint imperfections left untouched before the coating is applied will remain until the coating is removed and the defect is fixed. Our shop will not apply a ceramic coating to any vehicle that has not been paint corrected by our shop.

Looking for a different level of protection? We also offer Gtechniq C2V3, Gtechniq ExoV4 and Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light. While these are all ceramic coatings, they do not offer the same levels of protection. To learn more about our car ceramic coating options, contact Bulldog Auto Detailing today.